It’s Out!

Our Happy Hours LGBT Stories From the Gay Bars

Yes, folks, from today you can buy this fabulous collection of stories and poetry. I am so proud to be a part of this project. Not only do I get to rub virtual shoulders with my literary sheroes, I also get to help raise money for two LGBT charities. All proceeds from this book go to the Attic Youth Centre in Philadelphia and the Ali Forney Foundation in New York.

My own contribution is a story set in Liverpool back in the 1980s.  It was a place where we found joy and pain, laughter and heartache. And through it all, we danced and lived the life. The Masquerade was the centre of our universe and I hope that you enjoy a glimpse into that world. Here’s a photo of my membership card, a treasured little possession.


To Get Your Copy on Amazon.UK click here

To Get Your Copy on Amazon.com click  here 

 www.bellabooks.com ;

www.barnesandnoble.com ;



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  1. bone&silver says:

    AWESOME! Well done : ) I’m going to buy my copy right now- so know that one book is coming to Australia, and I will spread the word about it to my Queer friends here xO

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  2. bone&silver says:

    Downloaded to my Kindle, yay : )

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  3. angelagarrigan says:

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for the book. I have just started reading it myself and I’m truly honoured to be amongst such talent. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for spreading the word.

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  4. bone&silver says:

    I just read your story this afternoon, on a humid tropical day in Australia, thousands of miles from the longing & discovery of the Masquerade… but it resonated deeply, thank you. Lovely work, G


  5. Thank you, I’m really pleased that you liked it. They were special days and finding a place like that club meant the world to me. Although the original Masquerade is long gone, there is another LGBT club by that name in Liverpool to this day. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.


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