Our Happy Hours Goldie Award


I am really happy and very excited to say that Our Happy Hours has won a Golden Crown Literary Society Award 2018, in the category of Anthology/Collections (Fiction).

I am very proud to have contributed one of my stories to this book. “Masquerade,” tells the story of a night in what was probably Liverpool’s best-loved venue. Lesbian and gay bars are thin on the ground compared to the 1980s and the adventures that we had back then and what those places meant to us is a vital part of our LGBT history. Our Happy Hours is an entertaining archive of stories that will help to preserve the history of our community.

The proceeds from the book are being donated to the Attic Youth Centre PA and the Ali Fornay Centre, NY, two projects aimed at helping young LGBT people in need.

For more information about the awards, click on the link.


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2 Responses to Our Happy Hours Goldie Award

  1. Widdershins says:

    Congratulations on the Goldie!!! 😀


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