From Clare to Here - Cover 2.2  From Clare to Here is the first of the Fran Farthing Mysteries



Fran Farthing left the world of insurance investigating behind her.  She thought life in the west of Ireland would be pretty peaceful.  Then her friend turned up dead.  Was it an accident?  Suicide?  Or perhaps something more sinister?  Fran wants answers.  Detective Michelle Reynolds has already made up her mind.  Can Fran uncover the truth before the tragedy unravels her life?

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When Fran left Dublin she was leaving the ashes of her relationship with Kate, the owner of a health food shop, who would rather have a vodka than a health food bar. Happily, Fran meets George, a physiotherapist who works in Dublin and spends as much time as she can with Fran on their little plot of land in the western county of Mayo.

Enter Skip, Fran’s former best friend and the reason Fran and Kate split up. Skip and Kate are planning a move to Mayo and Skip wants to set things right.  Then someone turns up dead.  The case falls to Detective Reynolds, who is walking a tightrope between her personal life and her career.  Fran and the policewoman get off to a rocky start when the detective warns her to leave the case to the professionals.

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book cover for epub  Streets Broad and Narrow is the second of the Fran Farthing Mysteries


Fran heads to Dublin with her long-time girlfriend, George.  A few days away, a house to clear out, what could go wrong?  A box of old papers, a locket and a chance encounter lead to an investigation that takes them back one hundred years to the turbulence of the Easter Rising, to the Suffragettes and the lives of the women fighting for their rights, for their freedom and for their country, but is the danger all in the past?

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George is clearing out her family home which is now up for sale.  Fran has come to Dublin to help.  They find a small trove of papers and artefacts in the attic and set out on a quest to find out more about the women mentioned in the faded letters. Fran bumps into Birdy Connelly, Kate’s sister, who is now a Ghostwhisperer.  Birdy is on her own quest, seeking to aid an unquiet soul.

When Birdie visits the house, she realizes that the artefacts have a strong connection to her Ghost, Dorothy Cotter, who is seeking the answer to a one hundred old mystery.

In Streets Broad and Narrow, we tell the tale of two young working-class lesbians from the early twentieth century who fall in love in a city on the verge of change.  Hetty Bracken meets Dorothy Cotter at a talk on feminism and enters a world she never knew existed.  They agitate for the vote, for the unions, for Irish freedom, and they do it all together.

Hetty and Dot’s story is interwoven into Fran and George’s investigation as chapters alternate between 2016 and 1916.  Finally, in the last chapter, all of them…. well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

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cover 2  The Jam Maker is a tale of adventure and the unexpected


“You must accept that this knowledge will change you forever, for the world is not as it seems.”  So warns Eloueese Turtlewine as she reveals the secret of Splickety Mountain.  But why has she chosen to pass it on?  Who has she told and which way will they turn as the village is overrun by the forces of Ruba, a powerful and cunning enemy?

Among the handful of villagers still free to fight are flying teenagers Bernie and Joxey Brownfeather who must outwit Ruba in a desperate bid to save their home.  As the final confrontation looms the Brownfeathers discover that this ancient secret has touched their family before.  Can the youngsters pull it off? And who is Eloueese Turtlewine?


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This is a story where girls and older women are strong and capable and where community is the heart of everything.

Splickety Village is about to host the Important Person From Far Away Festival and everybody has their part to play.  Thirteen-year-old, Bernie Brownfeather has been called on to make the jam which will be presented to the honoured guest, a notion which terrifies her. Consumed with practising jam making, she has little time for her older brother, Joxey’s  request to talk to her about some files he found in the back room of the local bookshop.  When they meet up after school,  he reveals that the files include a photograph of their mother, an archaeologist, who died five years previously in a cave-in, while exploring the local mountain.  They also find a map which seems to be concealing as much as it shows.

Eloueese Turtlewine has lived in Splickety Village for as long as anyone can remember. As a member of the Committee to Organise Everything For The Important Person From Far Away Festival, she is very busy, when, with three days to go, she notices a small piece of paper float into her back garden.   The contents of the note prompt her to send immediately for the aid of an old friend.

Archaeologist Charlie Milkeypockets is very fond of the founding myths of Splickety Village and no one knows more about them than he does.  When he receives a package from his late father, also an archaeologist, he is compelled to find out more about the circumstances of his death.

The Jam Maker is a tale of twists and turns where the truth reveals itself as being all around, hidden in plain sight.

The Jam Maker is a good long read.  It is presented in one volume divided into three parts.

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FB_IMG_1506102438180 Our Happy Hours LGBT Voices From the Gay Bars

(S. Renee Bess and Lee Lynch, Story Collectors)

During the days and nights following the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the world listened as various spokespersons attempted to explain to the general public exactly what the gay bar/club meant to LGBTQI people. The words “safe place,” “refuge,” “free to be ourselves” flew through the air.

We queer writers grappled with the tragedy alongside our brothers and sisters. How could we express our feelings about the places where we could drop all pretense of conforming to the hetero-normative society’s rules? What words could we gather to let the rest of the world know the pain we felt upon losing so many beautiful strangers on a night in June and in a place that had been one of our havens?

How and why does the gay bar intersect so many of our lives?

The stories and poems living between the covers of this book attempt to answer those questions. Spend a few happy hours with us in our gay bars. – Lee Lynch/S. Renee Bess

Angela’s short story, Masquerade, is included in this wonderful collection.  See home page for more.