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Our Happy Hours Goldie Award

I am really happy and very excited to say that Our Happy Hours has won a Golden Crown Literary Society Award 2018, in the category of Anthology/Collections (Fiction). I am very proud to have contributed one of my stories to … Continue reading

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The Last Turnip In Drumcondra

In February 2018, a storm front dubbed “the beast from the east”, hit Ireland.  Huge amounts of snow fell. Cities, towns and villages up and down the country saw folks buying up essentials at a rate of knots. Bread was … Continue reading

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On the night of the 14th of April, 1912, RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. On the morning of the 15th April 1912, RMS Carpathia arrived on the scene of the world’s worst maritime tragedy.   Carpathia An Atlantic night in … Continue reading

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I have been interested, fascinated, obsessed if you will with RMS Titanic for many years. The stories of the people who sailed looking for a better life, the tales of the pampered aristocrats and the experiences of the men and … Continue reading

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Funny Old World

When I was a kid, my parents took me and my brothers and sisters to the Gala. It was held every year in a huge field in Litherland, a town about five miles or so north of Liverpool. There was … Continue reading

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Votes For Women!

It had been a rallying cry for decades. Through marches, beatings, prison, hunger-strikes, force-feeding, even death in the case of  Emily Davison.  Through derision, punishment, hate and slander that cry rang out.  At meetings, outside parliament, on the streets, on the doorstep, wherever people gathered, the suffragettes were there and the cry was always the same, simple utterance, Votes for Women! Continue reading

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It’s Raining

It’s raining.  It’s been raining for hours, all day in fact. Now, at going on three thirty on a December afternoon the grey light we had all day is starting to fade.  Everything is saturated. The ground is sodden.  There … Continue reading

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And Sew It Goes

Some months ago, I had a brief dalliance with a sewing machine from IKEA.  I convinced myself that I would be more than capable of mastering the intricacies of this particular mechanical device adequately enough to hem a pair of … Continue reading

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Armistice Day

The eleventh day of the eleventh month.  Armistice Day.   The day the guns fell silent on the western front in 1918.  Ten million soldiers and seven million civilians dead. Slaughter, on an industrial scale.  The world had never seen anything like … Continue reading

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